Adaptive Insights – the Business Intelligence Toolkit for NetSuite

Easy-to-use software that empowers finance teams everywhere to better manage the business.

Powerful tools that let you model anything and analyse everything.

Faster processing of large volumes of data so you can model rapidly and adapt quickly.

The most powerful planning and analytics cloud-solution available

Financial planning and operational reporting at a detailed and consolidated level.

Generate sales profitability and sales forecasting analytics and reporting.

Create alerts and dashboard KPIs for instant notification of adverse or notable changes.

Rather than spending weeks of our time running manual data extracts and cutting and pasting into Excel, we can run reports in Adaptive Reporting in a matter of minutes. Financial Reporting Director, Michael Baker International

The Power of Adaptive Insights

Adaptive Reporting

Easy-to-Use Reporting

Because it’s in the cloud, you can give teams and managers access to intuitive and interactive self-service reporting and analysis.

Distribute board reports, slice and dice management or financial reports, and drill down into the details with ease.

End-To-End Reporting

Drag and Drop to report by individual or by groups – accounts, sub-accounts, products, geography, business driver – for the current period or phased.

Intuitive drag-and-drop web reporting puts you in control with interactive, slice-and-dice across dimensions and metrics.

Instantly generate, distribute and review up-to-the-minute management reports, sharing detailed insights with your team.

Format Reports the Way You Want

Easily create high-quality, personalised, ad-hoc reports, board books and presentations in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Working with Adaptive Planning and Adaptive Consolidation, it creates dynamic, visually appealing reports based on your latest data, refreshed with a click.

Built-In Financial Intelligence

Adaptive Reports have financial intelligence built into their core.

Monitor and report on variances or pivot dimensions, or select parameters.

Output to any format, including HTML, PDF and Excel.

Drill Down Into the Detail, With Ease

Get an instant view of a transaction’s details, whether drilling down into a report or a planning sheet, you can create transactional reports with just one click.

Adaptive Planning

Budget, Forecast and Plan

Deliver fast, flexible budgeting, planning and forecasting with planning software that generates productivity improvements of over 70%.

Our flexible planning software centralises budgets, actuals, plans, forecasts, calculations, and cell notes to ensure integrity – from summary to detail.

Our built-in cell explorer provides a complete audit trail, so you can see the source behind any value, formula or assumption.

One version of the truth

From budgeting expenses to creating financial statements and forecasting revenue, Adaptive Planning accommodates all types of modelling – workforce, capital and revenue – across all industries and sizes.

Financial and currency logic eliminates the complexities of departmental and global planning. It’s integrated planning that drives transparency throughout the organisation.

The Power to Plan Anything

From budgeting expenses to creating financial statements and forecasting revenue, Adaptive Planning accommodates all types of modelling – workforce, capital and revenue – across all industries and sizes.

Rolling Plans and Forecasts

Our planning and forecasting software enables rolling forecasts with integrated driver-based scenarios that you can tune in real time.

With the latest actuals, assumptions and modules always at hand, Adaptive Planning lets you proactively manage change, model outcomes, and course-correct at the pace your business demands.

The intuitive experience will let you scale your planning processes across your entire organisation.

Adaptive Discovery

Drive Business Performance

Put the power of self-service interactive dashboards, visualisations, and charts into your own hands to monitor and drive business performance.

Visualise numbers and charts side-by-side while you plan, easily see variances in a waterfall chart, personalise dashboards with your own KPIs and perform period-over-period analysis.

Analyse real-time financial and operational data over time, reach your own conclusions, and apply what you have learned to improve the plan.

With easy, powerful, and fast analytics and dashboard software, you can plan and adapt without compromise to drive business success.

Empower Everyone With Dashboards

Our cloud dashboard software allows finance and line of business teams to create, modify, and share dashboards and scorecards with ease.

Quickly interact with your information by slicing, dicing, and drilling down into the details. And easily deliver dashboards to every user, across locations and devices.

Dashboards with Built-In Intelligence

Spot issues at a glance with data visualisation that includes funnel, dial, waterfall, bubble, histogram, radar, and Pareto charts, as well as standard bar, column, gauge, area, and doughnut charts.

Scorecards deliver instant variances from budget and forecast, with financial intelligence built in.

Self-Service Analysis for All

Perform analysis through drill-down analytics, exception and variance reporting, period-on-period comparisons, moving averages, standard deviation, linear regressions, trends, control charts and more.

Drill down and even perform interactive what-if analysis.

We’ve saved huge amounts of time across a range of functions because we no longer have to manually transfer data and manipulate it in order to create reports. Tyler Tracy, Manager of Financial Planning and Analysis, Quidel

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