NetSuite for Distribution

NetSuite is the complete solution for distribution companies

NetSuite really understands the challenges of running a distribution business – over 20,000 distribution companies run NetSuite’s business management software

NetSuite is ideal for wholesalers, suppliers to retail stores or eTailers and on-line retailers

NetSuite is right for all types of distributor

Whether you sell high-value capital goods or low-value consumer goods, NetSuite can help

Whether you sell fashion or food, wood or whisky, plastic or pharma, metals or machinery, NetSuite is right for you

Whether you offer goods from stock or do drop-ship or manage customer schedules, NetSuite will cover it

Whether you offer next-day delivery or click and collect, NetSuite is the one

Whether you handle thousands of products or deal with thousands of options on the same product – NetSuite will handle it.

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I was in favour of not having hardware and the associated support and maintenance costs. It was also important to know that we would always be using the latest version of the software with no downtime or issues associated with upgrades. Jim Scott, Managing Director, LBS Serving Biotechnology

How We Can Help

For Wholesale Distributors

The landscape for many wholesalers has changed and is still changing.

Competing with manufacturers that now go direct via the internet can be hard, we can help with our omni-channel sales functionality.

Meeting the expectations of customers for rapid delivery or providing added-value services is all part of what we can offer you.

Adding automation is easy with NetSuite. Barcoding, automated picking, links to couriers, interfaces with Amazon, all help to make you competitive.

And if you’re trading across international borders, NetSuite can help.

For Suppliers to Retail

NetSuite is ideal for companies that supply to the high street, major chains or supermarkets.

It helps you deal with the particular problems you face, such as the handling of changes in order schedules and coping with the, sometimes unreasonable, demands placed on you by your customers.

NetSuite will help you stock the right things at the right time to meet fixed deadlines whilst working with wafer-thin margins.

NetSuite will help you manage your complex customer relationships whilst reducing stocks, improving margins, managing rebates and increasing service levels.

For On-line Retailers

NetSuite is ideal for online retailers that deal with both B2B and B2C markets.

It helps you deal with the particular problems you face selling products over the web.

Our dynamic stock replenishment calculations and forecasting tools help optimise your inventory to help keep investment in stocks low.

NetSuite helps you handle the high volume of orders you receive on a daily basis by supporting next day delivery, courier tracking and accepting any kind of payment.

Links to eBay and Amazon help you react quickly to their demands, protecting your tight margins and keeping service levels high.


Key Functionality

Sales and CRM

Unparalleled efficiency, total visibility from lead to close.

Omnichannel Orders

Built-in ecommerce, fast entry, matrix entry, EDI, cash sales and more.

Integrated Ecommerce

The only system that includes website hosting and ecommerce as core components of the application.

Manage multiple webstores from a single account, offer customer-specific pricing, accept credit cards, PayPal, cash and invoicing, gives customers a real-time view of inventory and offers eBay Integration.

CRM for Distributors

A 360-degree view of the customer, increasing service levels and generating growth. Target customers based on purchase history, direct them to your webstore for upsell.

Commissions’ Management

Track commissions to help motivate sales teams, reduced errors and make accurate, timely payments.

Integrated Marketing

Create, manage and track highly targeted, high-volume campaigns.


Case management, returns tracking and self-service customer centres help make you a totally customer-focused business.

Purchasing and Stock

Get control of your stocks with NetSuite.

One-click POs

Suggested buying reports, demand planning and replenishment. Auto-generate POs, email or fax directly to vendors.

Streamlined Receipt

View approved, open POs and automatically receive by item or line number.

Vendor Self-service

Offer direct access to relevant info on orders, invoices, deliveries.

Advanced Inventory

Multi-location and UOMs, lot tracking, serial numbers, specific costing, matrix items, barcoding.


Warehouse map, preferred bins, pick-face definition, faster picking.

Order promising

Real-time visibility of inventory availability when quoting and creating orders, automatic stock commitment from available stock, back orders committed as POs are received, or manually reallocate to different sales orders if needed.

Carrier Integration

Link to carriers to end errors, check rates, generate tracking numbers, validate addresses, print labels, all from within NetSuite. Tracking numbers automatically tie back to your sales orders, allowing you or your customers to track the status of shipments instantly.

Reporting and KPIs

NetSuite gives you the information you need in the format you want it – graphical, interactive and fast.

Ultimate Dashboard

30 out-of-the-box role-based dashboards or build your own views. Gives every user a custom dashboard to monitor everything relevant to them – leads, opportunities, inventory utilisation, service issues, expenses and much more.


Real-time, at-a-glance view of company, vendor and sales performance. Easily tailored period comparisons and out-of-tolerance notifications.

Built-in Reporter

Powerful and flexible, design any report you need.

Saved Searches

Generate rapid, repeatable ad-hoc reports.

Direct Drill-down

Drill down directly into greater detail for better transaction management.

Leverage Links

Integrated with Google Apps and MS Office, you can export, import and use NetSuite data to support all your processes.

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