NetSuite for Finance

NetSuite knows finance

NetSuite has invested significant resources into supporting the unique needs and initiatives of financial services companies

NetSuite’s vision has been to develop key functionality that touches every aspect of the finance world and the types of companies that need it

NetSuite is right for all types of finance company

Our solution is ideal for Fintech companies, complex international setups, software developers or installers

It’s strong in the area of project and professional services automation (PSA), financial services and not for profit (NFP)

It helps financial companies simplify operations, ensure compliance, improve enterprise-wide visibility and speed up every process

NetSuite’s allows you to be flexible, to configure the system to meet your unique needs, all while complying with accounting standards

We are very pleased with Clear ERP’s excellent and flexible approach to the project. We have already surpassed our revenue targets and, with NetSuite, we've grown rapidly, building a fantastic team. Justinas Lasevicius, CFO & Co-founder at TransferGo

For Fintech Companies

Fintechs are one of the fastest growing sectors in the world today.

Having the right systems could be key to your success. That’s why our system is designed to handle the complex set of issues you face today.

The internet, and the innovation it generates, has led to many financial activities being reimagined – from banking to lending, from making payments to collecting debt, from tax advice to wealth management.

With change rife in the market, business models that offer new services, sometimes across different geographies, are more and more common. To help make sense of this complex world, a number of exciting young companies, and some dynamic established names, have moved to deliver these new types of support service.

The companies that provide them need the right software to ensure their processes are as efficient as possible – that’s NetSuite.

Whether you handle millions of small transactions or a low number of highly sensitive large amounts, NetSuite delivers.

Whether you manage assets or manage transactions, NetSuite is ideal.

Whether you offer consultancy or deliver a service, NetSuite is right for you.

Whether you work locally or internationally, NetSuite will cover it.

Whether you focus on the money or on the process, NetSuite is the one.

For Not-for Profit Companies

NetSuite is ideal for charities and membership organisations where the emphasis is on delivering services whilst generating funding to support them.

Non-profit organisations must carefully track and manage their funds – and the sources of those funds – while they attempt to accomplish their mission as effectively and efficiently as possible.

They face many of the same operational challenges as commercial businesses whilst handling a mass of regulatory and reporting requirements that others do not face.

The NetSuite functions offered for NFPs  – CRM, finance, ecommerce, project control – and the fact that it’s delivered via the cloud, available anywhere, any time – makes NetSuite the best solution for NFPs.

Our solution helps to simplify operations, track projects, generate donations, improve enterprise-wide visibility and, importantly, speed up every process.

Whether you support vulnerable people or a help preserve buildings, NetSuite delivers.

Whether you manage projects or carry out research, NetSuite is ideal.

Whether you offer consultancy or deliver a service, NetSuite is right for you.

Whether you work locally or internationally, NetSuite will cover it.

Whether you provide people or you provide equipment, NetSuite is the one.

For Project Companies

NetSuite is ideal for organisations that carry out projects for a living.

NetSuite Advanced Project Tracking and Accounting lets you manage your professional services projects more effectively.

All project businesses face issues when trying to control resources whilst keeping them fully utilised.  The ability to forecast profitability is also key. Reports that combine project completion dates with the likelihood of new projects, taken from CRM, makes planning easier.

With NetSuite, our integrated project tracking, resource scheduling, project accounting and reporting functions are all linked to a powerful CRM system to deliver the total project solution.

Whether you handle lots of small jobs or a low number of highly sensitive, large projects, NetSuite delivers.

Whether you manage software installs or manage research projects, NetSuite is ideal.

Whether you offer consultancy or deliver a financial service, NetSuite is right for you.

Whether you work locally or internationally, NetSuite will cover it.

Whether you provide people or you provide equipment, NetSuite is the one.

The provision of professional services is one of our most successful business sectors. You need the right solution to grow and prosper. Our system is built specifically to handle the needs of PSA companies.

Key Functionality


Unparalleled efficiency, total visibility from lead to close.

Global Reach

NetSuite delivers a real-time, unified global business management platform for enterprises that manage multi-national and multi-subsidiary operations and provides real-time visibility at the local, regional and headquarter levels.

The system’s 190 currencies and 20 languages drive finance and operational efficiency, deliver real-time visibility and consolidation, and provide the flexibility for customisations to the corporate and subsidiary needs of global businesses.

Financial Management

Take your financial services firm beyond traditional accounting.

End-to-end visibility of receivables and payables with integrated order-to-cash transaction management.

Auto-revenue recognition using flexible scheduling and sophisticated allocations.

Integrated budgeting and forecasting tools.

Complete fixed asset lifecycle tracking and reporting.


Get control of your projects with NetSuite.

Services Resource Planning

Helps you complete projects quickly, generate invoices accurately, improve cash flow and eliminate revenue leakage.

Complete visibility over the entire business — from opportunity to project delivery, invoicing and revenue recognition.

Advanced Project Accounting

Helps you manage professional services projects more effectively with integrated project and job tracking and reporting.

Automate project and job creation when specific services are sold, and automatically track percent complete and time budgeted and spent on project tasks.

Project Reports

Utilisation and backlog analysis, employee workload and efficiency, estimated job profitability compare projected costs to expected billings.

Advanced Revenue Management

Revenue recognition, budgeting, expense allocations and amortisation, flexible billing management and statistical accounts all in one system ensure your financial statements are always accurate.

Reporting and KPIs

NetSuite gives you the information you need in the format you want it – graphical, interactive and fast.

Ultimate Dashboard

30 out-of-the-box role-based dashboards or build your own views. Gives every user a custom dashboard to monitor everything relevant to them – leads, opportunities, project, resource utilisation, service issues, expenses and more.


Real-time, at-a-glance view of company, vendor, sales and project performance. Easily tailored period comparisons and out-of-tolerance notifications.

Built-in Reporter

Powerful and flexible, design any report you need.

Saved Searches

Generate rapid, repeatable ad-hoc reports.

Direct Drill-down

Drill down directly into greater detail for better transaction management.

Leverage Links

Integrated with Google Apps and MS Office, you can export, import and use NetSuite data to support all your processes.

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