NetSuite for Manufacturing

NetSuite knows manufacturing processes

Across the world, manufacturers control their production using NetSuite – from CRM to sale to delivery, from design to build, from cost to revenue

NetSuite is ideal for all types of manufacturer

Whether you work in process or discrete manufacturing, NetSuite delivers

Whether you make high-value capital goods or low-value consumer goods, NetSuite is ideal

Whether you do short runs in small volumes or long runs in large quantities, NetSuite is right for you

Whether you make to stock, make to order or configure to order, NetSuite will cover it

Whether you offer short lead times or work on long-term projects, NetSuite is the one

Whether you produce thousands of different products or make many variations of the same product – NetSuite will handle it

Whether you work in fashion or food, wood or whisky, plastic or pharma, metals or machinery, NetSuite’s a winner

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Clear ERP was able to fix all our previous problems and quickly get Netsuite up and running, doing almost anything we wanted the software to do. They provided exactly the support we needed. Jennifer Hewitt, Financial Controller, Platinum Stairlifts

Make-to-Stock Manufacturers

NetSuite is ideal for manufacturers that make items to sell from stock.

Holding a warehouse full of raw material stocks, just in case it’s needed, can prove very costly.

The stock itself is expensive and could become obsolete. Warehouses are expensive to build, operate and maintain.

Avoiding mistakes and errors can be critical to ensuring you meet demand and make money.

Making goods at the right price is made easier with the full manufacturing costing functions within the NetSuite system.

Making the right items is delivered using our demand planning functions.

Buying the right things at the right time is all handled by our full MRP function.

Today, manufacturers can go direct to final buyers via the web, potentially offering better pricing and greater choice.

With NetSuite’s total sales system, including our built-in ecommerce and web-shop capability, you can become an omni-channel supplier, quickly and easily.

Make-to-Order Manufacturers

NetSuite is ideal for manufacturers that make items to order.

New technologies allow make-to-order manufacturers to get tighter control over their activities, automate processes for cost and time savings, and free staff for more productive efforts.

In NetSuite we offer everything from stock barcoding to shop floor data collection with hand-held devices, from automated pick, pack and put-away to links with the main carriers for automatic shipment processing.

Use our CRM to generate opportunities and serve customers better with our customer portals that give them self-service access to add new or change existing orders, and respond to situations by checking stocks or tracking orders through production.

Take NetSuite everywhere. All you need is an internet connection.

Use it to take information directly to your customer’s door, generate and amend orders anywhere, pull important stats for customer meetings and give customers access to their own account information.


Configure to Order Manufacturers

NetSuite is ideal for manufacturers that configure products before making them.

Increasingly, the end customer wants an attractive product that is easy to use and fits their lifestyle.

This means that they are continually looking for new products or product variants that excite – such as custom products, product sets or kits and special or branded packaging.

NetSuite makes product creation and management easy. Using an existing SKU to create a new one or importing new SKUs from an external source is simple and quick.

Links to CAD are standard for the importation of BOMs and our Job Costing suite helps you manage the process of bringing new items through design to production and sale.

If you have product variants NetSuite will handle it – any number of levels of a matrix can be built, such as style, colour and size.

We offer the ability to configure a sales order or works order using established rules or introducing design components to deliver anew product – exactly what a customer wants.

Key Functionality

Sales and Purchasing

Unparalleled efficiency, total visibility from lead to close.

Omni-channel Orders

Built-in ecommerce, fast entry, matrix entry, EDI, cash sales and more.

CRM for Manufacturers

A 360-degree view of the customer, increasing service levels and generating growth.


Case management, returns tracking and self-service customer centres.

One-click POs

Suggested buying reports, demand planning and replenishment plus full MRP. Auto-generate POs, email or fax directly to vendors.

Order promising

Real-time visibility of inventory availability when quoting and creating orders, automatic stock commitment, back orders committed as POs are received or manually reallocate.

Carrier Integration

Link to carriers to end errors, check rates, generate tracking numbers, validate addresses, print labels, all from within NetSuite.

Manufacturing and Stock

Control production from start to finish with NetSuite.

Inventory and Warehousing

Multi-location and UOMs, lot tracking, serial numbers, specific costing, matrix items, barcoding, warehouse map, preferred bins, pick-face definition, faster picking.


Integrates with CAD apps, supports easy import of BOMs and global engineering change functions.

Extended inventory control tracking, MRP, MPS and costing of items in production and project environments.

Delivers flexibility in costing by supporting most inventory costing methods – LIFO, FIFO, average, standard and actual costing.

Streamlines team management using at-a-glance allocations of people and resources.

Production Control

Streamlines production, creating WOs from SOs in make-to-order or configure-to-order environments.

Full lot and serial traceability – purchasing, inventory, shop floor control and sales orders.

Simplifies WOs with a single WO to control a multi-level assembly. Supports full production routing – operations, work centres, labour, overheads and materials.

Reporting and KPIs

NetSuite gives you the information you need in the format you want it – graphical, interactive and fast.

Ultimate Dashboard

30 out-of-the-box role-based dashboards or build your own views.

Gives every user a custom dashboard to monitor everything relevant to them – sales, inventory utilisation, POs, manufacturing, service issues and much more.


Real-time, at-a-glance view of stock, production, vendor and sales performance.

Built-in Reporter

Powerful and flexible, design any report you need.

Saved Searches

Generate rapid, repeatable ad-hoc reports.

Direct Drill-down

Drill down directly into greater detail for better transaction management.

Leverage Links

Integrated with Google Apps and MS Office, you can export, import and use NetSuite data to support all your processes.

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